Story Time Book Club

A weekly story adventure designed to meet the story tellers, immerse you in their journey and take you along to magical places beyond the page

Tales Told and Retold by Diverse Characters

Fun Activities & Games

New and Lasting Friendships

Get Lost In The Story

Join in the joy of reading with dozens of other children and a variety of story tellers such as Princesses, Princes, Superheroes, and other characters inspired by books, movies and television. 

You may even get to meet some new characters and get to follow their


Get Caught Up In the Magic

Each week there is a different storyteller – sometimes more than one (such as The Snow Queen and Ice Princess) who will delight you with the telling of an aspect of their story.

Get Swept Away In The Journey

Don't just sit and listen, get involved in the storytelling. There may be songs, or skits, or games, or other activities in each session to allow you to help us tell the stories.

Create New Friendships

Meet not only the story tellers, but make friends with other hildren sharing in the adventure. You

will have the opportunity to compete with other children in a variety of contests (Mommy and Daddy can help!) and form lasting friendships through the magical journey of stories.


Step Into The World Of A New Story Every Week

Join the Fun. Engage with our Story Tellers. Meet New Friends!



We Offer Diverse Interpretations of Characters

Enrollment Rates

As part of our Introductory Special, we are offering limited-time pricing at great low rates.

Get your child's membership now while we are still offering these super affordable prices.

As part of our Monthly Storytelling Book Club, your precious one will receive:

  • 4- Engaging stories per month (1 per week) lead by a Prince, Princess, Fairy Tale Character, Super Hero, or other characters (such as our Resident Toy Doctor).
  • 4 - Themed Digital Activity Booklets
  • Special Birthday Recognition and a special treat from BTP
  • Periodic Discount Offers for Private Virtual Visits, Birthday Party Entertainment, Treat Boxes and more.


You can enroll your precious little ones by the week as your schedule allows. If you find you have to miss the week, you can transfer your reservation to another week with at least 24 hours notice. The weekly fee applies to your entire household, not just one child!


Save $10 by purchasing a month at a time. You can enroll your household for the month and receive four Story Times for the price of three!

6 Months

Great Value - enroll your precious little ones in a six month reservation and receive a $20/month discount.


Best Value - enroll your household for one year reservation and save $200! Your entire household can attend every session and receive every activity pack for one super low rate.